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Our talented staff has over 200 years of combined fishing experience for almost everything that swims. That puts us in the unique position of being able to aid and advise you in the selection of the correct rods, reels, and tackle to fit your experience level, technique, species you are targeting and budget. We stock rods by G Loomis, Shimano, St Croix, Fenwick, AbuGarcia, CarrotStix, Dobbins, UglyStick, Skeet Reese, Daiwa and many more. We have reels by Shimano, Daiwa, AbuGarcia, Ardent, Pfleuger, and many more. Our tackle selection is HUGE we carry most major brands and many hard to find items and our in-store pro-staff is on hand to assist you with your selection and can advise you how to best use it, too! If you can't find what you're looking for on the website, chances are we have it in the store or can order it from our manufactures. Give us a call at 1-877-780-4557 and we'd be happy to help.

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  1. White/ Chartreuse

    All-Terrain Swim Jigs

    Price From: $3.79

    All-Terrain's Swim Jig features a lighter hook combined with a lighter weedguard that sticks any fish that strike. Give them a try and you will see why this is becoming the hottest technique in the country.

    Specify Desired Size & Color Learn More
  2. Ardent Apex Elite

    Ardent Apex Elite Reels

    Price From: $149.99

    The Ardent Apex Elite Casting Reels offers top-of-the-line, compact, powerful performance with a host of advance features and only weighs less than 6-ounces. Learn More
  3. Ardent SmartCull System

    Ardent SmartCull Professional Culling System


    Culling Balls with locking pound and ounce selectors
    No charts, cards or markers to lose or replace
    Compatible with live well additives
    Durable clip and cable with protective coating
    Large numbers to identify weight quickly
    Reduce fish stress by weighing only once
    Set of 6 Learn More
  4. B38 Blue Gill

    Bandit Deep Diver Crankbaits - Series 100, 200 & 300

    Price From: $4.99

    Series 100----2”--------1/4 oz.----2-5 Ft
    Series 200----2”--------1/4 oz.----4-8 Ft
    Series 300----2”--------3/8 oz.----8-12 Ft
    Learn More
  5. Culling Beam

    Bass Pro Shops Culling Beam


    Often times an ounce can decide whether you're in the money or out in the cold. Now you'll know for sure with this affordably priced fish culling beam. Simply place a fish on each clip and the bigger fish will take its end down. Quick and easy to use, every serious angler should have one on their boat.

    Learn More
  6. Keeper Counter

    Bass Pro Shops Keeper Counter

    Price From: $12.99

    Just put nose of fish against vertical flange and measure where tail overlaps pre-printed markers. Constructed of 1/8" anodized aluminum. Learn More
  7. BBF  Black/Blue Fleck

    Berkley Crazy Legs Chigger Craw MPCLCHC4

    Price From: $3.99

    Length: 4"
    6 Per Pack
    Powerbait Fish Attracting Scent

    Choose from 10 Color Options Learn More
  8. Berkely Digital Fish Scale

    Berkley Digital Fish Scale


    50-pound digital fish scale accurate to +/- 1/4 ounces
    Calculates average and combined weight settings
    10-weight memory; auto-off switch saves battery life
    Tare function lets you weigh multiple fish
    Includes retractable hook and batteries Learn More
  9. Fireline Crystal

    Berkley Fireline Crystal 125 yd Filler Spools FLFS

    Price From: $16.99

    125 Yard Filler Spools
    Choose From 4 to 30 Pound Line Weight Learn More
  10. Fireline Crystal

    Berkley Fireline Crystal 1500 yd Bulk Spools FL15

    Price From: $189.99

    1500 Yard Bulk Spools
    Choose From 4 to 20 Pound Line Weight Learn More

Items 41 to 50 of 646 total

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