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Umbrella Rigs

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  1. Mann's Alabama Rig

    Original Mann's Alabama Rig

    Price From: $27.99

    Saltwater-tough construction
    Mimics a small school of baitfish
    Replaceable snaps and swivels
    Troll or cast for inshore and offshore species Learn More
  2. Tennesee Shad Yumbrella Rig

    Yum Yumbrella Rig

    Price From: $12.99

    The YUMbrella Rig allows anglers to throw five YUM Money Minnows, grubs or spinnerbaits at once, to simulate a small school of baitfish. The 45-pound-strength snap and 75-pound-strength swivels ensure flawless performance on big fish.

    The YUMbrella features a choice of head patterns, Tennessee Shad and Foxy Lady. Tennessee Shad is a realistic shad pattern with white sides, shad dot, gill stripe and a touch of red under the mouth and tail. The Foxy Lady features a chartreuse base with dark back, shad dot and a splash of orange on the belly. Both patterns feature red 3D eyes. Learn More
  3. Blueback Herring

    Z-Man Quadzilla Spinnerbait

    Price From: $9.99

    -Creates the look of schooling bait-fish without the weight, hassle, and cost of an umbrella rig
    -Light 3/8 ounce head and 3/4 ounce total weight make it easy to cast all day, even with spinning tackle
    -Great for shallow water fishing
    -More snag-resistant than traditional umbrella rigs, ideal for throwing around grass, lay-downs, and other cover
    -Perfect for amateur anglers or those who want to emulate schooling bait-fish look but don't have heavy tackle needed to use an umbrella rig
    -Collapses for easy storage by sliding silicone head towards hook
    -Color matched heads and blades for a realistic look Learn More

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