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Jerk Baits

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  1. Clown

    Bomber Long "A" Jerkbait

    Price From: $4.99

    Tight wiggle action combined with a gentle rolling give the Long "A" a true, life-like swimming action. It forms with this same action whether fished slowly on top, or at a faster trolling speed using a downrigger.

    Weight: 1/2 ounce
    Length: 4-1/2"
    Depth: 2-3 feet
    #4 Hooks Learn More
  2. 80 Aurora Green Perch

    Lucky Craft Pointer 100 SP Suspending Jerk Bait

    Price From: $14.99

    •Length: 4" (100mm)
    •Weight: 5/8oz (16.5g)
    •Class: Suspending
    •Belly: #5
    •Hook Tail: #5
    •Line: 10-12lbs

    * Colors: 01/ Crack - 02/Gun Metal - and 70/American Shad are $1 more Learn More
  3. 51 Nishiki

    Lucky Craft Pointer 78 SP Suspending Jerk Bait

    Price From: $14.99

    •Length: 3" (78mm)
    •Weight: 3/8oz.(9.2g)
    •Class: Suspending
    •Belly: #6
    •Hook Tail: #6
    •Line: 10-12lbs

    *Colors: 01/ Crack - 02/ Gun Metal - and 70/American Shad are $1 more Learn More

    Megabass Vision ONETEN

    Price From: $24.99

    Once the closely-guarded secret of the pros, the VISION ONETEN jerkbait (commonly known as the “110”) quickly became a staple among professional and amateur anglers alike, setting the benchmark for jerkbait fishing nationwide.

    DEPTH: 6′
    TYPE: Suspending
    LENGTH: 4-1/3″
    WEIGHT: 1/2oz
    HOOK: #6
    Learn More
  5. Megabass X-80 Trick Darter Jerkbait

    Megabass X-80 Trick Darter Jerkbait

    Price From: $17.99

    Anglers who have experienced the effectiveness of the Megabass VISION ONETEN jerkbaits will be impressed by the X-80 TRICK DARTER. A long time favorite of many top fishing professionals, the Megabass X-80 TRICK DARTER jerkbait truly comes alive in the water.

    The Megabass X-80 TRICK DARTER features the same Multiway Moving Balancer System (PAT.) as the Megabass VISION ONETEN, powering long casts and incredible action. The TRICK DARTER will dance erratically with short snaps of the rod tip, moving even more sharply to the left/right than the Vision Oneten. Learn More
  6. GPSF  Glass Purple Sunfire

    Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerk

    Price From: $7.29

    Model---Length---Weight----Treble Hooks
    DHJ10---4”--------3/8 oz------Two No. 5
    DHJ12---4-3/4”---1/2 oz------Three No. 5
    Learn More
  7. GP  Glass Perch

    Rapala Husky Jerk Suspending Jerkbait

    Price From: $6.09

    Model---Length---Weight----Treble Hooks
    HJ06-----2-1/2”----1/8oz------Two No. 10
    HJ08-----3-1/8”----1/4oz------Two No. 6
    HJ10-----4”---------3/8oz------Two No. 5
    HJ12-----4-3/4”----7/16oz-----Three No. 5
    HJ14-----5-1/2”----5/8oz-------Three No. 4
    Learn More
  8. Baby Bass/ Orange Belly

    Smithwick Devil's Horse Wood Lure

    Price From: $5.49

    A classic, prop-equipped, handcrafted wood lure. The unique buoyancy of wood, combined with two carefully balanced, surface churning propellers duplicates the unique commotion of fleeing shad to produce rod-busting strikes from surface feeding fish.

    Length: 4-1/2"
    Weight: 3/8 oz
    #6 Hooks

    Specify Desired Color Learn More
  9. Gold Rogue

    Smithwick Rattlin' Rogue Jerkbait

    Price From: $5.49

    Equipped with load fish-attracting rattles and a wounded minnow action that produces explosive strikes year-round. Equally effective whether cast or trolled.

    Rattlin' Rogue is 4-1/2" Long and Weighs 1/3 oz with #6 Hooks
    Walleye Rattlin' Rogue is 3-1/2" Long and Weighs 1/4 oz with #6 Hooks

    Specify Desired Color Learn More
  10. Chrome/ Blue Back/ Orange Belly

    Smithwick Suspending Rattlin' Rogue

    Price From: $5.49

    The Suspending Rattlin' Rogue was carefully designed and engineered to run true and suspend right out of the package. No more drilling and weighting needed to get these great lures to suspend.

    Length: 4-1/2"
    Weight: 3/8 oz
    #6 Excalibur Hooks

    Specify Desired Color Learn More

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