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  1. The Stop Sign Jig
  2. Arkansas Shiner

    Sworming Hornet Freshwater Fish Head Spin

    Price From: $5.79

    The Fish Head Spin is perfect for those hard to catch suspended fish, as well as for locating fish that are feeding on bait fish as forage.

    Available in 3/8 and 1/2 ounce sizes
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  3. Green/ Pumpkin - 46

    Strike King Kevin VanDam Swim Jig

    Price From: $4.59

    Strike King's exclusive Perfect Skirt blooms like no other giving this swim jig more action than any other swimming jig on the market. And with colors designed by Kevin himself, you'll be able to perfectly match whatever type of baitfish you're trying to mimic. The Kevin VanDam Swim Jig offers a unique head design featuring a true-tracking, natural profile along with a medium wire hook and extra-long shank to give you exactly what you need to produce monster strikes.

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  4. Pumpkin Craw

    Northland Tackle Jungle Jig

    Price From: $3.49

    The Jungle Jig® is a “totally weedless" crawfish flippin' jig developed to penetrate the dark, dense depths where big Bass and Pike hang out.

    Four sizes to choose from
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  5. Nothland Fishing Tackle Mooska Jig

    Northland Fishing Mooska Tungsten Jig


    “The MOOSKA™ TUNGSTEN JIG is the finesse angler’s favorite for fishing deep water structure to ice lethargic, finicky biting Perch and Panfish. Molded from heavy-weight tungsten around a premium 60 degree Lip-Stick® fine wire hook, the environmentally friendly jig provides a compact profile and ultra-fast drop rate to plummet into deep water, thru slush in ice holes, thick vegetation, brush and heavy current. Eight natural Hard-Rock™ color patterns with metallic UV GraniteGlitter™ and “glow-in-the-dark” eye-balls make them highly visible in deep water, during low light and after dark! Hard-Rock™ jigs sink like a rock . . . to excite the deep- water bite! Learn More
  6. Triple Rattleback Jig

    Lunker Lure Triple Rattleback Jigs

    Price From: $3.19

    Single piece molded construction with a metal pin running the full length of the triple rattle chamber makes these jigs unique. The sleek profile provides the same loud sound while making this jig virtually weedless. Learn More
  7. Original Rattleback Flipping Jig

    Lunker Lure Original Rattleback Flipping Jig

    Price From: $2.99

    The Original Rattleback Jig is well known among the tournament circuit. The sleek profile provides the same loud sound while making this jig almost entirely weedless. One of the strongest and loudest jigs on the market.

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  8. The "Stop Sign" Jig - 1/8 oz
  9. Missouri Craw

    Jewel Football Jigs

    Price From: $4.99

    Offers anglers the right weight- to-depth bait. A bulky presentation allows an angler to catch quality fish in the 8-15 feet range, while the bait still maintains the trademark Jewel Bait Company finesse-style skirts.

    Choose 1/2 Ounce or 3/4 Ounce Jig
    2 Pack Learn More
  10. Black/ Blue Flash

    Jewel Eakin's Jigs

    Price From: $4.79

    This high quality, multi-purpose jig features a cross eyelet, black nickel, Ultra Point hook, premium silicone skirt, and specially designed tournament proven head.

    5/16 Ounce
    2 - Pack Learn More

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