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  1. Hyper 7 #4 Fire Tiger

    Biovex Hyper 7

    Price From: $12.99

    This is the Original Multi-Blade Spinnerbait. When around schooling baitfish, nothing gets the job done better then the Hyper 7. Built with seven various sized willow blades, this bait matches a school of baitfish better than anything of its kind. Despite the larger profile of the Hyper 7 it can be burned through the water just as efficiently as it can be slow rolled. It’ aerodynamic design is sleek and made to cast a mile, perfect for schooling fish. When fish bite….HOLD ON! Learn More
  2. 203SG  Chartreuse White

    Strike King Kevin VanDam Spinnerbait

    Price From: $6.99

    The 2005 Bassmaster Classic Champion reveals his own personal go-to bait, complete with Strike King's exclusive Perfect Skirt with Magic Tails. (You won't believe the action caused by the bloom of this skirt combined with the tails -- big bass will literally be fighting over it!) Lifelike baitfish look tracks truer than any spinnerbait Kevin's ever thrown. Innovative head design allows you to bang it off limbs and rocks without getting hung. Comes pre-rigged with a Mustad® Ultrapoint Bleeding trailer hook.

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  3. Smoke/ Black Camo/ Bleeding White

    Z-Man ChatterFrog

    Price From: $5.99

    The lead-free ChatterFrog adds a new dimension to the line of the greatest fish catching lure ever made. This latest innovation has the same great vibrating action of the Original Chatterbait, but runs at shallower depths on a normal retrieve. Speed it up and it runs just under the surface. Slow it down and it bumps the shallow bottom. Featuring the EZSkirt and 2 ElaZtech Frog Trailers. This one is a winner.

    3/8 Ounce Learn More
  4. Shad

    Z-Man Original Chatterbait

    Price From: $5.49

    This bait features jig profile with the flash of a spinnerbait, and more vibration than most crankbaits. Crank it in like a bucktail and you will not believe the vibration. Chatterbait will send bucktail fishing into a whole new dimension.

    Length: 4-1/2"
    Available in 3/8oz, 1/2oz, 5/8oz and 1/4oz Weights

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  5. Blueback Herring

    Z-Man Quadzilla Spinnerbait

    Price From: $9.99

    -Creates the look of schooling bait-fish without the weight, hassle, and cost of an umbrella rig
    -Light 3/8 ounce head and 3/4 ounce total weight make it easy to cast all day, even with spinning tackle
    -Great for shallow water fishing
    -More snag-resistant than traditional umbrella rigs, ideal for throwing around grass, lay-downs, and other cover
    -Perfect for amateur anglers or those who want to emulate schooling bait-fish look but don't have heavy tackle needed to use an umbrella rig
    -Collapses for easy storage by sliding silicone head towards hook
    -Color matched heads and blades for a realistic look Learn More

5 Item(s)

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