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  1. BioLogic Alfa Clover

    BioLogic Alfa Clover


    Scientifically selected blend of multiple alfalfa and clover varieties known for maximum leaf production, attractiveness, drought-resistance and longevity.

    1 lb. bag plants 1/4 acre. Learn More
  2. BioLogic

    BioLogic Alfalfa


    This Alfalfa additive provides high protein, strong early and late season attractiveness, and good resistance to drought and browsing.

    1 lb. bag plants 1/4 acre Learn More
  3. Biologic Brassica

    BioLogic Brassica


    Proven to improve any food plot.
    Packed with high protein levels, durability, browse tolerance and extreme action.
    Guaranteed to add maximum tonnage in tough conditions

    1 lb. bag plants 1/4 acre. Learn More
  4. BioLogic Chicory

    BioLogic Chicory


    Superior health and substantial antler growth are the most obvious benefits.
    What many managers also appreciate is Chicory’s ability to thrive in the most severe conditions.
    Chicory does best when added to other blends or single crops.
    You can expect three to five years of sustained regrowth.

    1lb. bag plants 1/4 acre. Learn More
  5. BioLogic Clover Plus

    BioLogic Clover Plus

    Price From: $19.99

    Savory blend of premium red and white clovers, specifically designed to produce more leaf than stem tissue. Includes 2 types of mineral-rich chicories for an extra boost in hot weather. Plant Spring or Fall.

    Available in 2lb bag for $19.99 and 9lb bag for $64.99
    2lb bag plants 1/4 Acre
    9lb bag plants 1 Acre Learn More
  6. BioLogic Maximum

    BioLogic Maximum

    Price From: $19.99

    High protein, all-brassica selection. Large-leafed plants from New Zealand deliver 38% protein and are easily digested. Superb in the north for winter forage. Plant Spring or Fall.

    Available in 2.25lb bag for $19.99 and 9lb bag for $64.99
    2.25lb bag plants 1/4 Acre
    9lb bag plants 1 Acre Learn More
  7. BioLogic Perfect Plot

    BioLogic Perfect Plot


    BioLogic Perfect Plot is a blend of all the best BioLogic cultivars formulated into one blend. BioLogic Perfect Plot has New Zealand red and white clovers, alfalfa, winter peas, chicory and the best BioLogic brassicas. Perfect Plot can be managed to perform as a true perrenial. Annual ingredients which are a small percentage of the blend can be added back annually. This blend will give you true attraction in the fall-winter and true nutrition in the spring-summer making it, the Perfect Plot.

    9 lbs. plants one acre. Learn More
  8. Hunter's Specialties Vita-Rack 26

    Hunter's Specialties Vita-Rack 26 Total Nutritional System


    The Vita-Rack® 26 whitetail formula contains 26 high quality vitamins and minerals essential to helping whitetails reach their full potential.
    This patented nutritional system provides year-round nutrition and creates bigger, healthier deer.
    It helps control ticks, which assists deer in maintaining a healthier immune system.
    The calcium and phosphorus in Vita-Rack 26 support bone and antler development.
    The granular mixture digests quickly and will bring deer back again and again. Learn More
  9. Hunter's Specialties E-Z Grow

    Hunter's Specialties Vita-Rack E-Z Grow Mix


    Vita-Rack™ E-Z Grow is an easy-to-establish annual mix that is quick to germinate, green up and brings early browse for deer.
    It includes King Annual Ryegrass, Dwarf Essex Rape, Crimson Clover, Alsike Clover and Berseem Clover.
    It's an excellent attractant for fall and early winter forage, producing up to 36% protein.
    For best results, plant in late summer or early fall.
    The 5-pound bag covers 1/4 acre. Learn More
  10. Evolved Harvest EasyPlot

    Realtree Evolved Harvest EasyPlot


    ** ACTUAL PRODUCT PRICE $24.99 **

    Easy Plot No-Till Forage Seed Can be planted without disking up the ground. Little effort, big results. Includes Tetraploid Forage Rye Grass, Forage Rape, and annual Forage Clovers. Great for Spring or Fall.

    15 lb. bag plants 1/2 acre.
    Learn More

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