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  1. Scent Killer Antiperspirant & Deodorant

    Scent Killer Antiperspirant & Deodorant


    After showering, use Scent Killer® Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant to help fight and control underarm odor. It is really nice to use and does a great job.
    Convenient push-up stick.
    Special unscented formula. Learn More
  2. Scent Killer Bar Soap

    Scent Killer Bar Soap


    If you prefer bar soap to a liquid, we have a large 5 OZ bar available in our highly effective unscented Anti-Odor™ formula. Scent Killer® Anti-Odor™ Bar Soap is great for showering and washing your body before the hunt.
    Special unscented formula.
    Large 5 OZ bar.
    Special odor-stopping properties. Learn More
  3. Scent Killer Field wipes

    Scent Killer Field wipes


    They work great in the field when a shower is not available.
    Made with a special unscented Anti-Odor™ formula for your body.
    Unscented formula goes after odor at its source.
    Great for before, during, and after the hunt. Learn More
  4. Scent Killer Powder Clothing Wash 48 oz.

    Scent Killer Powder Clothing Wash 48 oz.


    Special High Efficiency fomulation is compatable with both standard and high efficency washing machines.
    Cleans as it washes away odors without adding any odor.
    Super Charged® Formula chemically eliminates odor as it cleans.
    Contains no UV-Brighteners. Learn More
  5. Scent Killer Super Charged Spray

    Scent Killer Super Charged Spray

    Price From: $5.99

    Totally odorless scent elimination formula for clothing and boots. Kills and eliminates human scent on contact; works all day long.

    Available in 12 oz. and 24 oz. bottles. Learn More

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