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Auger Replacement Blades

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  1. Jiffy Blade Sharpener

    Jiffy Auger Blade Sharpener


    Sharpen your Jiffy® Standard, Ripper or Stealth Blades as well as straight-edge blades. Learn More
  2. Jiffy Stealth STX Blade Kit

    Jiffy Stealth STX Replacement Blade Kit

    Price From: $119.99

    The Stealth STXTM serrated blades feature baked on, E-friendly finish to protect the blade, while the serrations provide a faster, smoother cut.

    Jiffy® Replacement Stealth STXTM Blade Kit Includes the Yellow RipperTM Blade and the two small Stealth STXTM Blades

    Available in 8", 9", and 10"
    Learn More
  3. Lazer Replacement Blades

    StrikeMaster Lazer Power Replacement Blades

    Price From: $45.99

    LAZER Auger Blades
    • Lazer Mag • Lazer XL-3000 • Electra Lazer • Lazer 224

    Available in 6", 7", 8, 9" and 10" Learn More
  4. Power Drill Replacement Chipper Blades

    StrikeMaster Power Drill Replacement Chipper Blades

    Price From: $32.99

    Power Drill Chipper Blades
    • Mag 2000 • Mag 3000 • Mag III • Cobra

    Specify Desired Blade Size:
    MB-825B 8-1/4" Chipper
    MB-1025B 10-1/4" Chipper
    Learn More

4 Item(s)

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