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  1. The "Stop Sign" Jig - 1/8 oz
  2. Perch Darter

    Lindy Darter

    Price From: $5.49

    While the Lindy Darter's rattle chamber mimics the sound of a distressed baitfish and attracts fish from long distances, the erratic darting action closes the deal, evoking savage strikes from walleye, sauger, pike and other predators. There is no need for added attractant in the form of minnows or waxies on this lure. It comes complete with premium treble hooks and an incredibly life-like holographic finish.

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  3. Northland Fishing tackle Banana Bug

    Northland Fishing Tackle Tungsten Banana Bug

    Price From: $3.99

    Molded from heavy-weight tungsten to provide a compact profile and ultra-fast drop to plummet into deep water, thru brush or slush holes. The unique shape mimics a feeding minnow fry when “pounded” on the bottom. They sink like a rock . . . to excite the bite! Learn More
  4. Blue/ Chrome

    Rapala Jigging Rap

    Price From: $5.29

    Balanced design allows deep jigging and life-like swimming action. Center eyelet hangs presentation in perfect position for jigging and swimming. Single reversed hooks are sharp and aligned for strikes from all sides. Center treble helps hook the slow winter bites. Can be tipped with minnow or worm.

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  5. Glow Firetiger

    Rapala Jigging Shad Rap

    Price From: $5.99

    The Jigging Shad Rap, with it's proven shad shape, swims in tantalizing circles right in the middle of suspended gamefish. Feature single reversed and center treble hooks and a center eyelet for exceptional balance.

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  6. Silver Black Red

    Salmo Chubby Darter

    Price From: $8.99

    A unique wobbler for vertical fishing. Comes to life in water, actually swimming with life-like bait fish action. This is an excellent lure for vertical fishing. It has been constructed for ice fishing but it has also proven itself great in vertical jigging from a drifting boat. Optimal fishing depth range for Chubby Darter is between 6 and 25 feet.

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  7. The Stop Sign Jig

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