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It all strarted right here with Dave Genz and the little blue box, Ted Capra was the original Sitex sales rep in the early 80's(the name changed to Vexilar in mid 90's)and we have been teaching people how to use them ever since.We now carry all the major brands of Ice Fishing electronics for various applications

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  1. FL22 Ice Pro w / 12 Degree Ice Ducer

    FL22 Ice Pro w / 12 Degree Ice Ducer

    Regular Price: $519.99

    Special Price: $469.99

    The ultimate in special purpose sonar fishing systems is here. What makes the FL-22 so special is the technical breakthrough of matching the power output and pulse length to the depth you are fishing. In less technical terms, the FL-22 was the first flasher sonar system that matches the depth range you’ve set to the resolution on the display so you see every possible detail in the water below. The FL-22 delivers the best target ID and target separation of any sonar system ever made! Learn More
  2. Humminbird 386ci combo

    Humminbird 386ci Combo Portable


    Portable Internal GPS ComboThe 386ci Combo Portable features a brilliant color 320V x 240H 3.5" display with LED backlight, advanced DualBeam sonar with 4000 Watts PTP power output, and GPS Chartplotting with built-in UniMap ‚all in a soft-sided carry case. 7 Amp Hour AGM Battery and charger included. (not included with Metric/International versions of this product). Maximize your angling experience with the Humminbird 386ci Combo Portable fishfinder GPS system. Learn More
  3. Humminbird ICE 35

    Humminbird ICE 35


    The ICE 35 ice fishing flasher features a large 3-color fiber optic display with overlay depth scale that delivers excellent readability. The combination of selectable dual beam transducer and a powerful 800 watts of peak-to-peak power are sure to make this flasher a trusted companion at a great value. Rely on Humminbird ice flashers to find your spots and keep your cooler full. Learn More
  4. Humminbird Ice 45 fishing flasher

    Humminbird Ice 45 Fishing Flasher


    The ICE 45 ice fishing flasher uses 3-color fiber optic flasher with a center dial LCD display engineered for peak performance in temperatures as cold as -20°F. The LCD includes digital depth and allows the flasher to automatically adjust the depth scale, eliminating the guesswork and estimation of depth scale overlays. Rely on Humminbird ice flashers to find your spots and keep your cooler full. Learn More
  5. Humminbird Ice 55 Flasher

    Humminbird Ice 55 Fishing Flasher


    The ICE 55 ice fishing flasher has a 6-color, industry-best fiber-optic flasher display that offers unmatched performance and gives greater distinction between targets in the beam. It also features an extreme temperature LCD with digital depth and automatic depth scale. Its unique purple target line allows fishermen to set a visual indicator at a specific depth to know exactly how far to lower their jig. Professional-grade carrying case included. Rely on humminbird ice flashers to find your spots and keep your cooler full. Learn More
  6. Humminbird Ice 597cd HD Combo

    Humminbird Ice 597ci HD Combo


    The ICE 597ci HD Combo features an industry best, brilliant, color 640V x 640H 5" display with LED backlight. Dual Beam PLUS SONAR with 4000 Watts PtP power output, 50 Channel internal GPS Chartplotting with built-in UniMap cartography, a card slot for maps and saving waypoints and a Tilt & Swivel Quick Disconnect Mounting System. Maximize your ice fishing experience with the Humminbird® ICE597ci HD fishfinder GPS system. Learn More
  7. Lowrance Elite-4 Chirp Ice Mach 83/200

    Lowrance Elite-4 Chirp Ice Mach 83/200


    Product Description Coming Soon. Item may still be ordered. Learn More
  8. Marcum, LX-5 Flasher 3-Color Ice Fishing Sonar


    Regular Price: $499.99

    Special Price: $469.99

    -TrueColor display and Super Fine Line Technology
    -Ultra crisp and highly visible display
    -Patented movable zoom
    -Interference Rejection
    -Dual beam 8/20º Transducer with 8' power cable
    Learn More
  9. MarCum LX-6S LCD ICE Dual Beam Sonar System

    MarCum LX-6S LCD ICE Dual Beam Sonar System

    Regular Price: $599.99

    Special Price: $559.99

    Take MarCum’s ultimate Digital LX Sonar Engine and shrink everything except performance. Boasting all the features and advantages of its big brother, LX-6S displays multiple water-column views on a lighter, compact 6-inch high-resolution color LCD. Use the intuitive menu-driven touchpad to custom-define the display to your liking. Dynamic screen views include Water Column Vertical, Vertical Zoom, Flasher Dial, Traditional Widescreen Graph and all combinations. Further customize on-screen Dashboard information, including digital depth, battery voltage and interference rejection (IR). MarCum’s intelligently managed sonar engine pumps out 4800-watts PtP, with TrueTime™ high speed display response and screen refresh. Switchable 8- and 20-degree transducer gives you 2 sonar units in 1. The LX-6S delivers the digital fish-finding goods, and with all the goodies serious anglers expect. Learn More
  10. MarCum LX-7

    MarCum LX-7 Color LCD Sonar


    Driven by a powerful sonar engine, the LX-7 rapidly generates vivid underwater pictures using a real-time display. Includes a rechargeable 12-volt 9-amp battery, charger and soft case. Learn More

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